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Air Purifier Ionizer Auto Ozonator
Air Purifier Ionizer Auto Ozonator

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OZONATOR IONIZER Air Purifier AUTO. Combat and neutralizes odors and germs causing undesirable breathe clean air in your vehicle, renew the air qualities giving the car a sense of cleanliness and freshness only.


The product generates millions of negative ions neutralize active oxygen and producing particles of dust, smoke, pollen, odors in the air (positive ions). and prevents moisture.

Quiet design, no noise while operating

It has the best medical function, reduces efizcamente coughing, sneezing, asthma incidence

Clearing the Air manage to breathe oxygen and bacteria free unwanted particles, preventing the contraction of the virus in a clean and purified.

• Current: +12 V (connects to Cigarrillera Vehicle).
• Stylish only connects and works great for people with allergies.
Color: Black, blue and red



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